Friday, February 18, 2011

The Carolina Cup Steeplechase Race

The Carolina Cup Race will be held April 2.2011 At the Sprindale Race Course in Camden, South Carolina.
We as a small town grow from 6000 residents to over 100,000 visitors for this race, we sit on our front porch an watch the guest come to town, the young ladies with their fine hats, beautiful and carefully chosen dresses, the young men, with their bowties, pressed dress shirts, and twill or linen pants come by the bus load, convertable cars, or SUV's, well they come for one thing only, as they drive up Broad Street, not to watch a horse race, but to see who has the best tailgate party, and quite abit of the libations are consumed, the saying here is in these parts "If you saw a Horse it was a bad Day!", when they leave, they aren't so pretty, I have sat watching the gridlock of cars and buses trying to leave Camden after the race, they guest aren't as beautiful as they came, alittle dirty, some very sick, one time we watched the bus that was stopped in front of our house full of college students do the chinese fire drill, the police parked by our house could only shake his head. 

I'm not trying to deter anyone from coming, WE LOVE IT WHEN YOU VISIT! so please come the money helps our hospital here. So come on down, and we'll show you some Southern Hospitality!

Sharron Dunsmore McCargar

Sharron Dunsmore passed away February 4.2011 in Michigan, during surgery, She was born to Richard George Dunsmore and Ariel Agnes Denton June 2.1935 in Ionia, Michigan. Sharron was my 1st cousin 1x removed. Sharron was married 3 times, her first husband was Harvey Van Vleck, together they owned the Tasty Freeze in Charlotte, Michigan. They had 3 children. She graduated from Michigan State University in 1970.

Sharron was also a Probartion Officer for Eaton County from 1970-1975. Sharron moved to Medford, Oregon and was Vice-president for  Kirchner Ore and Refinery, she also sang with the "Sweet Adelines" in Florida, Oregon and Michigan. Sharron is survived by 3 children,and both of her sisters, she was preceeded in death by her 3 husbands, Harvey Van Vleck, Fred Kirchner,and Dick McCargar.

Burial was at the First United Methodist Church of Ionia, Pastor Larry Brown