Cemetery Page


This is probably the most beautiful cemetery that I have ever been to,
Springtime is my favorite time to go, families of the departed have made this a special
place to be at rest. When you enter the gated area, you notice the treelined drives, azealas,
daffodils, scents of something that catches your senses when the breeze drifts by gently.
There are so many different types of burial areas, you'll find the round brick half barrels,
ironwork fences to mark families, monuments to those who have served our country, to the
simplest headstone.
This is a wonderful place to clear your thoughts, and just take in the beauty.

If you come to Camden, off I-20, take exit 98 to Camden, it's about a mile from the exit on
your left on Meeting Street.
The cemetery was founded in 1759.