Saturday, September 10, 2011

and here I am, time to start indexing.

Yeah, I've finally come to the point in my family research that I have to start indexing. I'm sure this is going to be fun, and in a good way. Memories will be brought up, and I will find new clues, and maybe dig a bit deeper, so I'm looking forward to the indexing process.

My mom also sent me some of her mom's diaries dating back to 1931, when she was attending the University of Michigan, I also recieved from her, cemetery records from some of the cemeteries in Canada, a book titled "The Complete book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775", it has Pardons on condition of transportation, Convict ships to the American Colonies 1716-1775, List of Assize Records Used, and summary by county of records used. This book looks like it deals with Englishmen, but I've just recieved it, and haven't been able to really get into the book itself.

I also recieved "Vital records of Woodbridge, New Jersey" from Rev. Joseph W. Dally dated 1983. These were orginally published in 1873 by the Rev. Joseph W. Dally, along with that pamphlet, I recieved the "Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing"(Old Hunterdon County). I will have to find my connection in these books, so needless to say, I'm going to be busy.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

George H. Woods gets his first visit.

Yesterday I spent several hours at the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia, I was looking for George Woods, he's the paternal grandfather of a great aunt. I was told at the office when I asked for any records that they had, I was the first relative to ask for him, I didn't know that they kept track of who inquires, I'm guessing since he was a Civil War Soldier any information that they could get about him would help with future inquiries.
George is listed on the Speakers Belvedere from Georgia, Comp. D 26, according to the records, he was 6'8" tall, which I find very tall, I thought that most men of that time were shorter. George died of Typhoid Fever. There is a section of Civil War Soldiers who did die of small pox and they are buried in the section next to the belvedere and across from it.
George died at the Knights Tabacco Factory that was used as a hospital at the time, there were 4 buildings used as hospitals, only two remain standing today in Lynchburg. George is resting in a beautiful area, full grown maple trees, boxwood hedge, antique roses were in bloom while we there. George was married to
a Miss Sarah Scarborough, as far as I know they had 2 boys together, James Wesley Woods and Francis Marion Woods. Sarah remarried a Mr. McCormick in 1865.

This is lots 78-79-100-101-122-123 (78-79) back by the hedge.

Lynchburg Civil War Hospital Marker.
There are a handful of buildings at the Cemetery that are museums, there is a great place to have a picnic across from the chapel, they hold weddings there, and we saw a few photographers out. If you have the chance to be in the area, make sure you have an hour to visit.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fragile Tree Limb?

Do you ever feel like you've walked out onto an unstable branch of your tree, I sure everyone goes through this, I think that I have found one in my tree. Last month when I went to New Ringgold, Pa. to take photos of the Zehner family, I thought WOW, I've finally found the first settlers to this country for a branch of my family. Well, here's my puzzle, Anna Catherine Zehner/Zahner(b.1702) who married Andreas Andrew Harter(b.1699) in Germany, Anna is my 5x grandmother, her father according to Mary Harter's Book "The Harter History" is Peter Zehner (according to the marriage records in Germany). The Zehners and Harter's come from the same village in Germany, so far I'm unable to put them together. has Peter Zehner(b.1675) married to Barbara Gotslieg (ukn).

So I've got to find if they are of the same Zehner family tree, I'll have to find the book "The Zehners-Hoppes Family" of Berks County, Pa. I'm sure this book will be able to either help me make the branch more stable, or simply keep it a weak branch.

Don't you just love family research?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh so close...........

July 12.2011

   Today my husband and I made the trip from Upstate New York to New Ringgold, Pa., we were on the hunt for the Zehner family, one of the founding ancestors for my paternal side, the persons that we were looking for were Johann Adam Zehner and his wife Maria Catherine Mertz. When we arrived at the church which is on a hill, we had about 2 hours of daylight left, we didn't realize that the church and cemetery are in the hills and daylight doesn't last long.
To my surprise most of the early  tombstones are in German, and I didn't have enough time to try and figure that out, so I just started to take photos, my husband and I drove to the upper parts of the cemetery trying to get as much light as we could, we found more of the Zehners, Hoppes midway and at the top of the hill, I got half way up and the battery on my new camera died, urgh! So we'll be heading back up in the fall, I'm going to try and plan it when the trees are changing colors.
I did find this information on the church door, for genealogy information contact
Todd Cheese

So hopefully this fall I'll be able to return and have plenty of time to go over this cemetery, and also look at the others in the area.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting Ready to Find Dead Relatives

This week I'm going to visit my son and his beautiful family,(yes I'm biased). On our way home,I'll be going to the Zion Stone Church Cemetery in New Ringold, Pa, I'll be looking for the families of Harter, Mertz, and Zehner's. These families are the founding families from Germany. I'm very exicited to visit this cemetery and find them.

We are also going to try and visit the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Va. to find a George H. Woods, he's supposedly buried in the "Old Confederates Section" of this cemetery, he died of typhoid fever while fighting in the Civil War.

I can't wait to find these relatives and show them to our extended family members.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Proud Momma Moment

June 23.2011, my son was selected to be one of 150 soldiers to meet the President of the United States. President Obama made a trip to Ft. Drum to thank the troops for their service.
The President made a short speech to all, and then shook their hands and made sure to have photos taken of them and himself.

     I made sure to add this to his line in our family tree at Ancestory. Com. How many people do you know that have ever met a President? I know that it's a very rare chance that it'll ever happen, and wether or not he voted for him, he'll have a story to tell his children some day and photos to prove it.

  Just being a proud momma that he was selected for this rare chance to meet his boss.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Camera, DRATS!

Here's what I'm working on, besides having to buy a new camera. I'll be traveling up to Castorland to see my son and his family, coming back, I've found where some of the Harter founding family members are buried, and will be looking for their stones, at least 7 members are buried there. These are the Zehner family in Berks County, PA. (Photos to follow of course).

If you need me to do any research while I'm there, please let me know ASAP, so that I can get a schedule done. Thanks. Tina

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Great Grandpa Green Berry Bryant, some answers

We finally have some questions answered about my great-grandfather Green Berry Bryant, he was born to Francis Bryant and Catherine Thorton, he was born in Sanderson, Florida January 7, or June 7, 1870, the death certificate that I recieved from the State of Florida has some terrible handwritting on it, He died of Natural causes, and exposure, which leads to more questions about that, some research will need to be done at one of the local libraries to research the local papers around the time of death.

According to the 1920 Florida census, Frances Elizabeth (Hickox)Bryant claims herself as a widow, not true, separated, since the death certificate states that he died in 1925 and was married on the certificate.

I want to thank Roger Woods for finding his stone at the South Prong Cemetery in Florida and taking a photo for find a grave. I feel that with the help of family whom I haven't met yet we as a group have been able to answer some questions about this man, and have new questions that we'll have to find the answers to.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sarah Adamson Ciples

Sarah was born sometime in 1788 in Camden, SC.
                Her father was John Adamson (b.1744-d.1816) her mother was Elizabeth (d. 1805)

Sarah married Lewis Ciples June 13.1811, they had no children.

                                                  This is the Adamson Family Plot

Sarah and her sister Ameila were members of the Methodist Church which now stands on Lyttleton Street.
They donated the land for the church, has more information on the sisters and their contributions to the church.
John Adamson's last will gave to Sarah, Two lots in the town of Camden, known as Market Square and lot N 715 Fair St., her father also gave her 32 slaves, and $2000.00. John was a planter in the town of Camden.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What would you like to know about Kershaw County?

We have so many famous people from this area, alot of it is already on the internet, is there something special that you would like me to look into for you?

Events coming up
Newspaper Articles at the Archives
People who made a difference in Kershaw county, that are little known.


                                                                    Sarah K. Ayer
                                                              Barnwell, South Carolina

                                                       Kershaw County Wanderer..........

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Herbert J. Dunsmore

Herbert J. Dunsmore born to Rhoda Leticia Prescott and Richard Dunsmore September 9.1910 in Ionia, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan as a Civil Engineer, Herbert was one of the first environmental engineers, he has written over 20 books on the quality of air, he helped clean up the air in the "Smoky City" of Pittsburgh. Herbert also helped clean up the steel industries in Europe. Herbert was married to Vera M. Hurd, they had 2 sons David and Roger. Vera passed away in 1987, she was the daughter of Roy M. and Mona Morrison Hurd.

Herbert was hired by the city of Pittsburgh July 22.1948. At that time he was a noted expert in food and milk sanitation, he became their first Public Health Engineer. Herbert's hobbies were photography, and the restoration of buildings in his hometown of Ionia.
Richard, Rhoda, Ruth, Herbert, Alice, and George Dunsmore at the family home.

Herbert passed away Feb. 7. 1999

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sarah Ann Babcock-Mather

Sarah Ann Babcock was born in Chester, Mass. on March 20.1820. Sarah spent her lift educating others, Sarah was educated at the Wesleyan Academy in Wibraham, Mass. and became a teacher of language and literature. At the end of the Civil War in 1865, Sarah traveled to Camden, S.C. in 1867 she established a private methodist school for african-americans.

In 1887 The Browning Home and Mather Academy opened for girls, they were taught basic education skills, social,family and religion. In 1890 boys were allowed to enroll.

Sarah returned to her home in Plymouth, Mass, and married the Reverand James Mather in July of 1869, she continued her teaching in the Plymouth area until her death May 14.1901.

In 1983 the school was closed. The building were torn down in 1995.

There is a Facebook page for Mather Academy, and more information can be found on google books for Sarah, and her wonderful contribution to the community of Camden. SC.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Laura Elizabeth Platts-John Brook Harter

Laura Elizabeth Platts-Harter-Monden
                                         Born January 10.1876           Died March 20.1950
Born July 26. 1873    Died August 31.1913
Laura is buried next to her first husband in the family cemetery in Ulmer, South Carolina, she was my greatgrandmother. Laura married William Watson Monden after her first husband John Brook Harter was shot and killed in Lena, SC.
This is the Newspaper article about the murder of my greatgrandfather;

My greatgrandparents had 6 children, Newman, Leacy, Cuemilla,John Brooke, Laura, and John Dexter(grandfather).

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dr. Jesse Horace Thomas

Dr. Jesse Horace Thomas was one of the first African-American doctors to practice in Camden, South Carolina. Born August 11. 1882, he married Hattie Smith of Sumter, they had no children, Dr. Thomas died  December 28.1954.  Dr. Thomas graduated from Claflin College in Orangeburg, SC., he attended the medical school at Temple University.

Dr. Thomas purchased the house at 707 DeKalb St. in Camden, in 1911, he practiced next door. This house now serves as one of the best resturants in Camden, I've had dinner there, the "BEST" catfish that I've ever had. The resturant is still like a home, you pick a room to eat in, and they are still cooking in the original kitchen.

Dr. Thomas is buried at the Cedar Cemetery, this cemetery is about a mile north of the Quaker Cemetery.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Carolina Cup Steeplechase Race

The Carolina Cup Race will be held April 2.2011 At the Sprindale Race Course in Camden, South Carolina.
We as a small town grow from 6000 residents to over 100,000 visitors for this race, we sit on our front porch an watch the guest come to town, the young ladies with their fine hats, beautiful and carefully chosen dresses, the young men, with their bowties, pressed dress shirts, and twill or linen pants come by the bus load, convertable cars, or SUV's, well they come for one thing only, as they drive up Broad Street, not to watch a horse race, but to see who has the best tailgate party, and quite abit of the libations are consumed, the saying here is in these parts "If you saw a Horse it was a bad Day!", when they leave, they aren't so pretty, I have sat watching the gridlock of cars and buses trying to leave Camden after the race, they guest aren't as beautiful as they came, alittle dirty, some very sick, one time we watched the bus that was stopped in front of our house full of college students do the chinese fire drill, the police parked by our house could only shake his head. 

I'm not trying to deter anyone from coming, WE LOVE IT WHEN YOU VISIT! so please come the money helps our hospital here. So come on down, and we'll show you some Southern Hospitality!

Sharron Dunsmore McCargar

Sharron Dunsmore passed away February 4.2011 in Michigan, during surgery, She was born to Richard George Dunsmore and Ariel Agnes Denton June 2.1935 in Ionia, Michigan. Sharron was my 1st cousin 1x removed. Sharron was married 3 times, her first husband was Harvey Van Vleck, together they owned the Tasty Freeze in Charlotte, Michigan. They had 3 children. She graduated from Michigan State University in 1970.

Sharron was also a Probartion Officer for Eaton County from 1970-1975. Sharron moved to Medford, Oregon and was Vice-president for  Kirchner Ore and Refinery, she also sang with the "Sweet Adelines" in Florida, Oregon and Michigan. Sharron is survived by 3 children,and both of her sisters, she was preceeded in death by her 3 husbands, Harvey Van Vleck, Fred Kirchner,and Dick McCargar.

Burial was at the First United Methodist Church of Ionia, Pastor Larry Brown

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walter Raymond Warden

My maternal grandfather Walter Raymond Warden was born in Michigan, September 21.1909. He had 3 younger sisters, Anna, Ila, and Arlene. Grandpa married Alice Gerturde Dunsmore on February 14.1934.
Grandpa held several jobs, he had a dairy farm, and did farming for the government, he also was a teacher, and the last job that he had was Captain of the Midlands Ferry Boat that would cross from Michigan to Wisconsin and back, grandma said she always knew when to start dinner, he would blow the ships horn to let her know that he was home. Grandpa and Grandma had 5 children, the oldest is my mom, they had 3 girls and 2 boys. I remember a visit to the farm when I was very young, the windmill in the back yard, green beans growing in one field behind the barn, and corn growing in another field. I remember taking a walk down to the pond, and the cattails that were growing.

The next time that I visited the farm, my grandpa was meeting my husband and children for the first time, he made me laugh, because he asked my husband what his intentions were for me, at least he asked. My grandparents were rock collectors, and I think that's why they started going down to Arizona during the winter, they would stay in Apache Junction or Queen Creek while they were there. (Snowbirds). My grandpa had made a neck lariet from agate in the shape of the state of Michigan, he always wore it, so when he passed away October 9.1987, my grandmother asked me what I wanted of his, I said just the lariet, which I cherish to this day. My family has gone back one more time, when my grandmother turned 90.

We had 5 first born females there for her party, Alice Gerturde Dunsmore, Carol Louise Warden, Tina Marie Harter, April Carol Cruz, Raven Sky Hatch.  My grandmother was going through the final stages of Alzhimers, she didn't recognize any of us, but when we handed her Ashlynn Rae Hatch(daughter of April).
who was a few months old, she transformed into a loving grandmother, just thrilled to hold her, sang to her, and cooed.

My grandmother passed away September 3.2002
My grandparents are buried at Steele Cemetery in Michigan.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eunice Mildred Bryant (Harter)

Eunice Mildred Bryant was born February 12.1917 in Lakeland, Florida, she was the daughter of Green Berry Bryant (B.Aug. 1871)-(D.June 1925). in Baker County, Florida, he is supposedly buried at South Prong Cemetery, but there is no stone or marker to be found.  Eunice's mother was Francis Elizabeth Hickox (B.Aug. 1874)-(D.Nov. 1950), she is buried at Swift Cemetery, in Florida.

My family believed that Eunice was an only child, because she never spoke of family, after a few years of research, due to brickwalls with her parents, I found out through a child of one of her siblings who contacted me, she was the last of 10 children born to her parents, her mom was 43 when she had Eunice.

The last time that I saw my grandmother was back in 1976, it was the first time that I had flown alone, going from California to South Carolina. She had finally met someone that she was just starting to date at that time, I'm not sure if that person was her second husband Howard Leon Gulledge.

My grandmother had borrowed a car from someone and had me drive her all over and take her shopping, I thought this was great, since I was only 18. We did take a trip to downtown Beaufort, and now that I live in South Carolina, I go down there every summer to Hunting Island.

(Photos: Easter Sunday and the house in Port Royal, SC. her and grandpa rented this home from Cuemilla Rogers)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

John Dexter Harter holding my sister Susan Carol Harter in 1965. He died in 1966 from heart disease. He is the son of John Brook Harter and Laura Elizabeth Platts.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ambrose Sperry (B. May 6.1755-D. Sept. 23.1817)

A few months ago, I was contacted by young lady  who was doing research on the Ambrose Sperry Family in New York, he is my 5xGrandfather, my relationship is through the Warden Family. I thought those of you who are related and don't have this information would be interested. I've also added the Blog from the area helping her with her research paper.

Scipio Center, NY History: Ambrose Sperry's Daughter

Scipio Center, NY History: Ambrose Sperry's Daughter: "It has been a real pleasure working with Cayuga Community College students over the past few months on their cemetery project. They have som..."