Thursday, April 21, 2011

Herbert J. Dunsmore

Herbert J. Dunsmore born to Rhoda Leticia Prescott and Richard Dunsmore September 9.1910 in Ionia, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan as a Civil Engineer, Herbert was one of the first environmental engineers, he has written over 20 books on the quality of air, he helped clean up the air in the "Smoky City" of Pittsburgh. Herbert also helped clean up the steel industries in Europe. Herbert was married to Vera M. Hurd, they had 2 sons David and Roger. Vera passed away in 1987, she was the daughter of Roy M. and Mona Morrison Hurd.

Herbert was hired by the city of Pittsburgh July 22.1948. At that time he was a noted expert in food and milk sanitation, he became their first Public Health Engineer. Herbert's hobbies were photography, and the restoration of buildings in his hometown of Ionia.
Richard, Rhoda, Ruth, Herbert, Alice, and George Dunsmore at the family home.

Herbert passed away Feb. 7. 1999

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