Saturday, August 20, 2011

George H. Woods gets his first visit.

Yesterday I spent several hours at the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia, I was looking for George Woods, he's the paternal grandfather of a great aunt. I was told at the office when I asked for any records that they had, I was the first relative to ask for him, I didn't know that they kept track of who inquires, I'm guessing since he was a Civil War Soldier any information that they could get about him would help with future inquiries.
George is listed on the Speakers Belvedere from Georgia, Comp. D 26, according to the records, he was 6'8" tall, which I find very tall, I thought that most men of that time were shorter. George died of Typhoid Fever. There is a section of Civil War Soldiers who did die of small pox and they are buried in the section next to the belvedere and across from it.
George died at the Knights Tabacco Factory that was used as a hospital at the time, there were 4 buildings used as hospitals, only two remain standing today in Lynchburg. George is resting in a beautiful area, full grown maple trees, boxwood hedge, antique roses were in bloom while we there. George was married to
a Miss Sarah Scarborough, as far as I know they had 2 boys together, James Wesley Woods and Francis Marion Woods. Sarah remarried a Mr. McCormick in 1865.

This is lots 78-79-100-101-122-123 (78-79) back by the hedge.

Lynchburg Civil War Hospital Marker.
There are a handful of buildings at the Cemetery that are museums, there is a great place to have a picnic across from the chapel, they hold weddings there, and we saw a few photographers out. If you have the chance to be in the area, make sure you have an hour to visit.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fragile Tree Limb?

Do you ever feel like you've walked out onto an unstable branch of your tree, I sure everyone goes through this, I think that I have found one in my tree. Last month when I went to New Ringgold, Pa. to take photos of the Zehner family, I thought WOW, I've finally found the first settlers to this country for a branch of my family. Well, here's my puzzle, Anna Catherine Zehner/Zahner(b.1702) who married Andreas Andrew Harter(b.1699) in Germany, Anna is my 5x grandmother, her father according to Mary Harter's Book "The Harter History" is Peter Zehner (according to the marriage records in Germany). The Zehners and Harter's come from the same village in Germany, so far I'm unable to put them together. has Peter Zehner(b.1675) married to Barbara Gotslieg (ukn).

So I've got to find if they are of the same Zehner family tree, I'll have to find the book "The Zehners-Hoppes Family" of Berks County, Pa. I'm sure this book will be able to either help me make the branch more stable, or simply keep it a weak branch.

Don't you just love family research?