Saturday, May 14, 2011

Great Grandpa Green Berry Bryant, some answers

We finally have some questions answered about my great-grandfather Green Berry Bryant, he was born to Francis Bryant and Catherine Thorton, he was born in Sanderson, Florida January 7, or June 7, 1870, the death certificate that I recieved from the State of Florida has some terrible handwritting on it, He died of Natural causes, and exposure, which leads to more questions about that, some research will need to be done at one of the local libraries to research the local papers around the time of death.

According to the 1920 Florida census, Frances Elizabeth (Hickox)Bryant claims herself as a widow, not true, separated, since the death certificate states that he died in 1925 and was married on the certificate.

I want to thank Roger Woods for finding his stone at the South Prong Cemetery in Florida and taking a photo for find a grave. I feel that with the help of family whom I haven't met yet we as a group have been able to answer some questions about this man, and have new questions that we'll have to find the answers to.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sarah Adamson Ciples

Sarah was born sometime in 1788 in Camden, SC.
                Her father was John Adamson (b.1744-d.1816) her mother was Elizabeth (d. 1805)

Sarah married Lewis Ciples June 13.1811, they had no children.

                                                  This is the Adamson Family Plot

Sarah and her sister Ameila were members of the Methodist Church which now stands on Lyttleton Street.
They donated the land for the church, has more information on the sisters and their contributions to the church.
John Adamson's last will gave to Sarah, Two lots in the town of Camden, known as Market Square and lot N 715 Fair St., her father also gave her 32 slaves, and $2000.00. John was a planter in the town of Camden.