Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, I looking forward to 2011! Our son will be home at the end of February from Afghanistan, and home for a few months before moving to Hawaii, lucky boy. Hopefully we'll be able to finish the house that we have been working on for the last 2 years, had to stop because of the bottom falling out of the stock market, I would love to be moving in by Christmas.
As soon as I have time now that the holidays are winding down and there will be a calm again, I'll be able to get my notes and findings on this Blog, I can't wait to share what I find in the area, I'll let you know about upcoming events in the area, what research I'm working on, I've got a project picked out, I want to learn more about my GGGGGgrandpa  Lewis Malone Ayers Sr. he was a Lawyer, politician, and plantation owner, he is on my paternal side. Until the next post.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life in Kershaw County

It's Holiday Time here, the Antebellum homes are decorated,and Christmas is just around the corner, we've had near record cold temps, so I haven't been out to do any research in the area. I do volunteer for Find A Grave in the Kershaw area. I'll also be available for hire starting in January to do local and state research at the Archives in Kershaw and Columbia.

I've written two books on my family history, these were done for the family of course, my family lines in South Carolina are Harter, Platts,Ayers,and Bryant.  My family lines in Michigan are Dunsmore, Warden, Prescott, and Mallory.

I love doing detective work when it comes to research, it's the Thrill of the hunt, looking for clues, and sometimes becoming obsessive about it.

I've traveled all over the United States, the only state that I haven't been to is Alaska, and hope to go there some day, I grew up as a military brat, so I love to travel by car, it's the only way to really see the United States, and get to know the place that your at. It's amazing the different slangs, foods, and just way of life there, I highly recommend if you have the chance, get on a backroad and check out the locals.