Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eunice Mildred Bryant (Harter)

Eunice Mildred Bryant was born February 12.1917 in Lakeland, Florida, she was the daughter of Green Berry Bryant (B.Aug. 1871)-(D.June 1925). in Baker County, Florida, he is supposedly buried at South Prong Cemetery, but there is no stone or marker to be found.  Eunice's mother was Francis Elizabeth Hickox (B.Aug. 1874)-(D.Nov. 1950), she is buried at Swift Cemetery, in Florida.

My family believed that Eunice was an only child, because she never spoke of family, after a few years of research, due to brickwalls with her parents, I found out through a child of one of her siblings who contacted me, she was the last of 10 children born to her parents, her mom was 43 when she had Eunice.

The last time that I saw my grandmother was back in 1976, it was the first time that I had flown alone, going from California to South Carolina. She had finally met someone that she was just starting to date at that time, I'm not sure if that person was her second husband Howard Leon Gulledge.

My grandmother had borrowed a car from someone and had me drive her all over and take her shopping, I thought this was great, since I was only 18. We did take a trip to downtown Beaufort, and now that I live in South Carolina, I go down there every summer to Hunting Island.

(Photos: Easter Sunday and the house in Port Royal, SC. her and grandpa rented this home from Cuemilla Rogers)


  1. I enjoyed reading this about Great Aunt Eunice Bryant-Harter!


  2. Great stuff cuz. Grandma did marry, I believe, Howard Gulledge. They lived in a trailer just outside Beaufort. Uncle Gary lived in a trailer right next to theirs. Howard died some time before grandma.