Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dr. Jesse Horace Thomas

Dr. Jesse Horace Thomas was one of the first African-American doctors to practice in Camden, South Carolina. Born August 11. 1882, he married Hattie Smith of Sumter, they had no children, Dr. Thomas died  December 28.1954.  Dr. Thomas graduated from Claflin College in Orangeburg, SC., he attended the medical school at Temple University.

Dr. Thomas purchased the house at 707 DeKalb St. in Camden, in 1911, he practiced next door. This house now serves as one of the best resturants in Camden, I've had dinner there, the "BEST" catfish that I've ever had. The resturant is still like a home, you pick a room to eat in, and they are still cooking in the original kitchen.

Dr. Thomas is buried at the Cedar Cemetery, this cemetery is about a mile north of the Quaker Cemetery.

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  1. Very interesting local history! I enjoyed reading about Dr. Thomas, and if I'm ever in Camden, SC, I will be sure to look for the restaurant.